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Mount St. Mary

Mount St. Mary's Catholic High School

Project: Refurbishment to School Buildings
Location: Richmond Hill, Leeds
Contractor: Emmerson Doors Ltd.

Project Details

In conjunction with a trade partner, ROBUST were pleased to be involved in the design and replacement of a number of steel doors in strategic positions throughout the school. The doors needed to offer safety and security to staff and pupils but were also required to incorporate a design sympathetic to the existing architecture, as areas of the school have Grade II Listed Building status. The work was undertaken with a view to minimising additional builders' work and any disruption to an active school environment.

The challenging environment of a school building demanded that doors were designed to a very high specification. The volume of pupils using the doors over short periods throughout the day meant that these doors, unlike basic fire exit doors, needed to accommodate high intensity usage on a regular basis. The safety of pupils was a paramount concern, with the doors incorporating anti-finger trap jambs and non-rebated meeting stiles, ensuring pupils' fingers could not be trapped.

On any public building these days, security is always an important consideration and the doors were manufactured with additional internal reinforcement to enhance their integrity. Concealed door closers and recessed magnetic locks were also used to ensure that the doors return to a secure closed position when not in use, preventing unauthorised access.

The doors were fitted with maximum glazed apertures and minimal framing, which allowed ample light into the corridors and buildings. Where existing doors had side screens and overpanels, replacements were manufactured to ensure consistency throughout the project.

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