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Acoustic Doors (AC35, AC45, AC50)

Robust Acoustic Doors are designed to reduce the transference of noise from one area to another.

Data Sheets:
AC35 - 35dB Rated Door Set
AC45 - 45dB Rated Door Set
AC50 - 50dB Rated Door Set

Acoustic doors are used in many applications to offer privacy or to reduce noise pollution from one area to another. More stringant legislation makes it a requirement to consider the effects of noise pollution on the local environment. Our standard doors offer a low level of acoustic performance but for higher acoustic performance we custom manufacture doors tested to 45dB and 50dB. Due to the high performance criteria of these doors they are of a heavy duty design and are a more difficult doorset to install with tighter tolerances than our basic doors. Robust doors have been tested as full installed door systems and should be installed by our trained engineers For example, a 5mm gap at the bottom of a door capable of reducing sound transmission by 45dB would result in an overall sound reduction of only 25dB. In other words 250 times as much sound energy is transmitted underneath the door as through the door.

How is Acoustic Performance Measured

The performance of the Robust acoustic door is described as the “Sound Reduction Index” and is shown as a figure xx dB. It is a weighted average over a range of frequencies perscribed in the test standard: BS EN ISO 140-3: 1995.

Type Rw Performance Description
FD* 22 Minimal Speech clearly audible.
FD-M* 25 Average Normal speech understod.
AC35 ** 35 Good Loud speech audible but not intelligible.
AC45 ** 45 Very Good Loud speech just detectable.
AC50 ** 50 Excellent Loud speech barley audible.

* Standard general purpose door
** Specific Acoustic Door

Acoustic Doors (AC35, AC45, AC50)