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'OUTA-DOR' (External Steel Doors)

The Robust ‘OUTA-DOR’ product leads the industry in steel doorsets; built for general purpose, this range of external steel doors are available in a wide range of sizes, manufactured in the UK and with an average lead time of only ten days. By improving our lead times, Robust UK have made the process of purchase and manufacture much quicker, meaning less of a wait for your product while maintaining the same evel of quality-control and value for money.

The ‘OUTA-DOR’ sizes range from 690mm – 1340mm for wide single doors. The sizes for our wide double doors are 1000mm – 2600mm, whilst our high doors come in sizes 15000mm –2800mm. The doors are made to order in 10mm increments.

The products at Robust UK are all built with security in mind. With each door coming with a protection astragal formed flush as part of the outside face of the door leaf, we have ensured that our doors perform consistently in terms of security and function.

In the event of an attack upon the door, the frame (or on our double doors the inactive leaf) has
a step in its edge to ensure that the astragal sits flush. Unlike other doors on the market that have no astragal or joggled astragals, the doors at Robust make it increasingly difficult for attackers to break through.

The doors are also hung on four stainless steel hinges, complete with dog bolts and four fixing points per side, sitting behind the door leaf. We do this to ensure that the doors are protected whether they are fitted as inward or outward opening. Robust also offer variable sub-frames to our doors, covering the gap between the building structure and the main door frame; further measures to ensure the door continues to perform to the utmost level of security.

Because Robust UK want our customers to have the most convenient installation process possible, our steel doors come fully assembled with hardwear fitted; this includes adjustable fixing feet and variable sub-frames. This, unlike many others on the market, is a Robust standard. We have drastically reduced the installation time on site, which adds value to any project. As opposed to the cost and installaton of timber products, Robust Uk’s steel doors offer great cost savings and a much easier installation process. Furthermore, the durability of steel ensures that our products can withstand high levels of damage, be it from high traffic areas or even potential abuse.

We can offer our 'OUTA-DOR' external doors either primer finished, powder coated or wet spray finished and can also pattern the door blade from a range of designs to allow for a more traditional aspect to the door set. We also have a range of attractive wood grain PVC laminates which offer the traditional look of timber with the modern durability of steel.

Our OUTA-DOR site can be found at - click for more information regarding product specifications and to browse our full range of external doors.

For full details on our 'OUTA-DOR' steel doors, please click here to download the associated datasheet.

For further information on our NBS specification 'OUTA-DOR' steel doors, please click here to download the associated datasheet.