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Profiled Doors

Robust have designed a range of Profiled Doors to allow our conventional steel doors to step away from their 'industrial' image, with carefully selected patterns bringing traditional timber designs to steel doorsets. It's now possible to take the aesthetic aspects of a timber door and combine it with the benefits of steel, which means no more repainting every year, as our durable powder coat finish means the door will not need repainting for many years. These profiles are available on most door types and are particularly suitable for projects where design is an important consideration or where it is felt that a flat panelled doorset would not be suitable.

These carefully selected styles are aesthetic design choices and are available on a range of doors with a range of performances. Please contact our sales office on +44 (0)1782 592900 if you wish to combine a specific design with a specific door type and performance, as there may be some combinations that are not compatible.