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PAS 24

PAS 24

Robust UK introduced the PAS 24 approved doorsets to combat the threat of attack and burglary in social housing and new-build designs, meaning improved security and peace of mind for the customer. To ensure that security is at optimum level, we put all of our doors through the PAS 24 attack test.

The PAS 24 is an attack test standard for doorsets which certifies that a particular door, frame, lock and hardwear set has withstood a series of physical tests based on common methods of burglary. These doorsets provide the minimum police requirement for ‘Secured by Design’ dwellings.

The PAS 24 standard is awarded by a UKAS accredited certification body and replaces a number of earlier standards with effect from August 2012. This standard assures the purchaser that the product has been manufactured to an approved, and verified, standard.

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