Coronavirus update: business continuity

With Coronavirus now at Pandemic status, organisations are facing several issues surrounding employee health and disruption to supply chains. A sturdy business continuity plan will go a long way in helping to reduce any disruption. So, we’ve been working hard to put plans in place to ensure we can continue operating.

Last week (12/03/2020) we performed trials for remote access working in each department to test feasibility for any limitations in case there is a requirement for staff to work from home. This will allow our staff to continue supporting clients from home, reducing the risk of spreading Coronavirus and preventing the business entering complete shutdown. It is vital that we get ahead of the outbreak and are still able to assist our clients.

In the meantime, it’s business as usual. We’ll keep everyone updated on the situation at Robust UK on our social media channels – linked below. The success of last week’s remote access tests mean we can continue to support our clients and our sales team can be accessed on their emails.




For information on government guidance on Coronavirus, please click here.

Stay safe out there!