Driving Long Term Change with the 5S Approach

Continuous improvement is at the top of the agenda at Robust UK.

We strive to deliver the best possible service for our customers and to continue to achieve this, it’s essential that we’re able to streamline the manufacturing processes on site, making us leaner and more agile in our response to customer orders.

Part of this long-term strategy is the adoption of the 5s methodology.

The 5S approach represents the steps of workplace organisation process – Sort, Systemise, Shine, Standardise and Sustain.  Using this helps us to remove items from the factory and office that are no longer needed, organise items to improve Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost across all areas of the business and develop behaviours that can be sustained over the long term.

As we move into our new £6 million site in the autumn, integrating lean practices such as 5S is vital to ensure we remain in a strong position to continue our growth.  Operational efficiency in all areas of the business is of paramount importance, especially when we’re focusing on consistency of quality, turnaround and output, so we’re able to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Our focus is around the following areas:

Creating a safer workplace

Using the 5s approach creates a safer workplace for all with improved organisation and efficiency.

Reducing Waste

Lean manufacturing aims to improve quality and processes from the business operations so every part can operate at consistent standards.

Improving Productivity

When the waste is reduced and eliminated, productivity is improved, meaning every part of the door manufacture on site is optimised for efficiency.

Ian Johns, Robust UK’s Operations Director who has been at the forefront of the continuous improvement strategy says:

“Robust employees are driving a 5S programme throughout the entire factory and offices to improve the working environment. 

Great strides have been made by the teams to ensure safety and quality, with monthly recognition rewards given to the most improved areas.  5S is a behavioural change and the engagement by all employees is outstanding and being supported by the senior leadership team with frequent coaching sessions to improve more each day.”

The initiative is the foundation block in Robust’s continuous improvement journey and expansion into larger premises and increased capacity.”