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Fire-resistant and smoke proof sliding doors
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Fire-resistant and smoke proof sliding doors

Introducing NovoSlide fire and smoke proof sliding doors

Underground garages, multi-storey car parks or other huge buildings require special doors. There are many reasons for this, with safety requirements playing an especially important role.

This type of fire barrier is covered by the European product standards EN 16034 (“Fire barriers”) and EN 13241 (“Gates”). The new Novoferm NovoSlide fire-resistant sliding door has been specially developed to meet these stringent European product standards. The door can therefore be safely used throughout Europe as a CE marked product. The gate complies with all common time classes to meet the different building regulations requirements across Europe.


1) Smooth look for large doors

Flat surfaces and a concealed panel connection provide a uniform, attractive look. Casing around the tracks and counterweight also give a particularly smooth appearance.

2) Unobtrusive pass doors

Pass doors enable access when the sliding doors are closed. Narrow frames give them an unobtrusive, elegant look. The pass doors have no sills or base stopper profiles, removing any potential trip hazard when passing through.

3) Easy to install and operate

Suitable for both low lintel and direct ceiling installation, NovoSlide’s modular design makes transport and installation easy for even large sized doors.

4) Doors to meet your needs

We have a multitude of variants to adapt a one or two leaf fire resistant sliding door to your premises. Hold-open and release devices for doors that need to remain open, with optical and acoustic signal transmitters to provide additional safety.

5) Sill-free fire protection

Novoferm continues to develop its combined fire-resistance and smoke-proof protection. For example, depending on the floor construction, sills are unnecessary in the opening and storage area.


Fire-resistant sliding doors as fire barriers are covered by the European product standards EN 16034 and EN 13241. These fire barriers are classified in accordance with EN13501-2. These new NovoSlide industry fire-resistant sliding door has been specially developed to meet these stringent European product standards.

According to the construction product regulation for the marketing building materials in the EU, materials covered by the European product standard must be supplied with a CE mark and a Declaration of Performance (DoP).

This applies to fire-resistant sliding doors in national and European regulations in the post-coexistence phase. Doors marked in this way can be used in all member states of the European Union (CEN).

In addition to the European standards, the relevant national statutory building requirements must always be observed which remain the responsibility of the individual countries and will not be harmonised at European level.


EI2 30 Single Leaf
EI2 60 Single Leaf
EI2 90 Single Leaf
EI2 120 Single Leaf
EI2 30 Double Leaf
EI2 60 Double Leaf
EI2 90 Double Leaf
EI2 120 Double Leaf


Highly functional, attractive design and innovative details characterise Novoferm’s fire-resistant and smokeproof sliding door systems. They are suitable for many structures and fit harmoniously into different architectural systems in industrial and commercial buildings.

Door leaf

Made of 0.75mm galvanised steel and specially machined thin sheet metal with fireproof insulation. Door leaf made of individual full-height units joined together, with smooth surface finish achieved by bonding the sheet metal jacket with the fireproof insulation (supplied as individual panels).


On three sides, with labyrinth-seal profiles. Additional sealing system between the individual panels to meet minimum Sa smokeproof requirements. Panel joints require no extra sealing.


Closed track system with one support roller system per panel for smooth door movement, closed track system with individually mounted support bracket constructions, including hydraulic end damper, closing weight in galvanised casing, internal floor guide as well as a handle and recessed shell handle, optional in stainless steel.

Closing Brake

Controls the closing speed, adjustable between 0.08 and 0.2m/sec.

Certification (approval)

Each type corresponds to EN 16034 and EN 13241 and has been tested for its fire-resistance properties by an official testing laboratory in accordance with EN 1634. All single leaf doors are certified with corresponding smoke protection tests  (Sa(tight closing – with 3-sided sealing system)) and durability tests (tested self-closing durability according to EN 12605 with 10,000 cycles (class C2)). Also available with optional smoke protection classification S200 (for full leaf doors without pass door).


The wall in which the fire barrier is to be installed – as well as its fixings – must comply with the classification (see descriptions for individual door types). The floor in the door area must be non-flammable (building material class A1). Note: if the parking area of a sliding door has a casing applied on-site, inspection openings must be provided to enable maintenance.

Types of lintels
  • Standard model for normal headers requires approx. 250mm headroom
  • Customised models for direct ceiling installation low lintel require at least 150mm headroom
  • Header panel for direct ceiling installation is 150mm high


Hold-open and release system

For doors that mainly remain open, consisting of: fire detectors in the quantity required by the approval, hold-open magnet, hold-open control panel with integrated push-button (surface mounted) type FSZ (operation with 24 V direct current). The door closes automatically in the even of a fire, otherwise by pressing the release button. Additionally equipped with an optical-acoustic signal transmitter as required by EN 12604.
Note: once installed, owners must ensure at their own expense that the hold-open system is approved and thereafter inspected at regular intervals by a certified specialist (type approval for the hold-open system). We offer appropriate service agreements.

Pass door and smokeproof pass door

Pass door EI2 30 to EI2 90 (up to EI2 120 in the test procedure), optional with Sa smokeproof (sealing – 3-sided sealing profile), S200 smokeproof (4-sided circumferential sealing method), installed in the door leaf between two elements, standard without lower sill, door size 1,000 x 2,000 mm clear passage dimensions. A sill-free pass door may be installed only if the clear passage is at least 2,100 mm and the sliding door height at least 2,300 mm.

Hardware: 2x three-part hinges with ball bearings, 1 door closer as per EN 1154, 1 mortice lock as per DIN 18250 with drawback-latch for profile cylinder, optional panic function, stainless steel flat handle set with short plates.

Electrical operator

For opening with special control unit with separate 3 push button in dead man control. The control unit is protected with a smoke detector in accordance with the new requirements. Closing via the release button of the hold-open system (especially for larger doors when considerable effort is required for manual opening). The operator is deactivated in the even of fire and the door is automatically closed.
Note: owners must arrange at their own expense for specialists to perform the necessary inspections of doors with electrical operators (as per rules governing power operated doors).

Door panel surface

Galvanised as standard, included door leaf edge profiles; optionally primed or with a RAL coating of your choice.

Hook lock

To secure the door when closed, with spring-mounted catch, key operated, designed for profile cylinders.

Butt ceiling installation

With header panel (150mm high).