Protecting building occupants since 1962

As part of the Sanwa Holdings Corporation, we are able to feature products which are not commonly available in the UK. As such, we are pleased to introduce the Won-Door accordion door range from Won-Door in the USA.

In 1962, Won-Door Corporation introduced the world’s most durable acoustically rated folding partition – DuraSound. Fifteen years later the company pioneered the development of the first-ever accordion type, fire-rated horizontal sliding door.

Won-Door products are installed in a multitude of building types in North and South America, as well as Asia, Europe and the Middle East.  Architects the world over are discovering that horizontal sliding fire door systems are an innovative solution to the code constraints that might otherwise impede the creation of iconic and unique architecture.

Won-Door Accordion Doors

The development of the accordion type, horizontal sliding fire door has had a profound influence on the model code requirements that regulate their use. They may replace traditional solutions in virtually any means of egress application.

Won-Door FireGuard AFG

FireGuard AFG

The Won-Door FireGuard AFG sliding fire door allows the unimpeded flow of pedestrian traffic as well as open plan designs while having standard and optional advanced access control features. All AFG products are manufactured in incremental dimensions and can accommodate any straight single parting door up to 40′-0″ in clear opening width and 15′-0″ in height with .1WC air pressure differential or less.

Won-Door FireGuard FG

FireGuard FG

Won-Door FireGuard sliding fire door allows the unimpeded flow of pedestrian traffic as well as open plan designs. All FG products are manufactured to custom sizes per application and can accommodate any width opening, heights up to 30′-0″, bi-parting, and curved configurations.

Won-Door MFW

FireGuard MFW Moveable Fire Wall

Moveable Fire Wall is a separate fire-resistive rating for Won-Door FireGuard. When code restricts the size of penetrations in a fire barrier, the MFW is an alternative that meets the requirements of ASTM E-119 and can be used to protect large openings.

Won-Door DuraSound


DuraSound accordion folding doors increase building utility by performing multiple functions. These versatile accordion partitions are competitively priced, cost less to install and maintain, and last years longer than any other folding partition on the market.