Robust UK BREXIT preparation

Robust UK have begun preparations for the likely outcomes associated with the Brexit referendum, putting in place contingency plans in the event no deal is reached between the UK and the EU. We will hold an extra 6 months of stock to help ensure the smooth running of operations no matter what the outcome to alleviate any concerns, given the lengthy negotiations and uncertainty surrounding the UK’s EU membership.

The risk of a no-deal Brexit couldn’t be higher, so it is essential that we have contingency plans in place ready to react to this. A no-deal Brexit could have a potentially disastrous impact on UK manufacturers, as it may lead to higher prices for supplies, and lower demand from consumers who may have less disposable income.

Robust UK is committed to providing the best quality steel door solutions to its customers, so we are treating this issue with the highest priority to guarantee our customers aren’t affected by the potential impact of Brexit.