Internal steel fire doors
Internal steel fire doors
Fire Doors

Available with 60, 120 and 240 mins fire protection, tested to BS 476 Parts 20 & 22 and BS EN 1634.

Made to Measure

All steel doors are made-to-order at our UK factory to suit any requirement.

Contemporary Design

A wide range of finishes available to suit your requirements.

Innovative Fire-resistant Internal Doorsets

We have successfully redesigned steel doors away from their original industrial roots to provide a highly cost-effective single solution, offering an aesthetic design, durable construction and up to 4 hours fire protection.

The doors, fitted in internal applications in a wide variety of wall constructions, are designed to protect personnel and property from the spread of flames & smoke. INNA-DOR offers substantial benefits over comparable timber doors in strength, durability & security. The range has been tested to BS 476 Parts 20 & 22 and BS EN 1634.


Contemporary, Durable & Cost Effective Fire Doors

The contemporary flush design allows for INNA-DOR to be used in a wide range of internal applications, from schools and offices to hotels and supermarkets. The wide range of variants available – sizes, panels, hardware, colours and pattern designs – means INNA-DOR is perfect for all internal applications.

We use corrosion-resistant Magnelis© steel to manufacture INNA-DOR, meaning it is well protected from potentially harmful elements in the environment it’s installed. When paired with one of our enhanced Polyester Powder Coat finishes, we can offer up to 10 years anti-corrosion guarantee (subject to site location).

Our doorsets are supplied fully assembled with hardware fitted as standard. When this is combined with our adjustable fixing feet and variable sub-frame, the installation time is drastically reduced, which in turn adds value to a project. The single fix design of our doors offers greater cost savings when priced against overall installation times for timber doors. Also, the inherent durability of steel means that in areas of high traffic or potential abuse, the ‘whole life’ cost of a steel doorset significantly outweighs that of a timber dooret.


Up to 4 Hours Fire Resistance – certified both ways

Our Research and Development team follow a policy of continuous product development and send all our products for regular third-party testing – INNA-DOR is no exception to this. INNA-DOR is third-party tested to BS 476 Parts 20 & 22 and BS EN 1634, and is certified by Warringtonfire’s Certifire scheme.

The doors are certified for fire resistance both ways and are available latched or unlatched in 3 fire resistance classifications: 60 mins, 120 mins and 240 mins.

Vision Panels, Louvre Panels, and Side & Over Panels

  • Vision Panels

    Vision panels

To comply with Part M of the Building Regulations 2004, doors across circulation routes should have visibility glazing. INNA-DOR can be fitted with a wide range of clear laminate vision panels, with custom sizes and glass types available to suit your specific requirements. Our vision panels are constructed from 1mm cold rolled steel, and screwed together from one side.

  • Louvre Panels

    Louvre panels

INNA-DOR doorsets can also be fitted with a wide range of louvre panel options. Our standard louvre offers 50% air flow, with louvre blades constructed to stop birds gaining entry. Galvanised insect and fly mesh are also available as optional extras.

  • Side & Over Panels

    side panel

We offer a range of side panels and over panels for our INNA-DOR’s in single and double configurations. Panels can be solid, hinged, removable, flush, glazed or louvred depending on your specific requirements.


As all our doors are made-to-measure, we have a variety of different frame types to suit your requirement. These include our standard INNA-DOR Type C frame, as well as optional Type A, B, D or E frames.

  • A frame allows the aperture to be finished with an architrave on the inside and outside of the opening.
  • B frame provides and architrave to either the internal or external face of the opening.
  • C frame is a standard 95mm deep single rebate frame for installation into brickwork or steel apertures.
  • D frame is a double rebate frame allowing the door to be installed into wider brickwork/blockwork structures, or to allow the frame to span a cavity.
  • E frame is a wrap-around frame suitable for flexible supporting construction walls.

All frames are manufactured from 1.5mm Magnelis© steel and supplied with adjustable fixing feet, allowing the frame to be accurately installed – even in openings which are out of square. We also supply a variable sub-frame to accommodate for a site tolerance of +/- 30mm. This ensures a quick, hassle-free installation.

Locking Solutions

INNA-DOR internal fire doors can be fitted with a wide variety of mortice locks and latches, with all lock cases tested to BS EN 12209 and all lever furniture tested to BS EN 1906. These options also include mortice multi-point locking such as 3-point sashlocks, and access control mechanisms such as mechanical key pads, electric strikes and electro-magnetic locks in surface mounted or concealed mounting configurations.

We can also fit INNA-DOR with a range of panic hardware in order to comply with BS EN 1125 and BS EN 179. We can also fit outside access devices to provide practical, controlled and durable access to secure premises.


Deadlock fitted with external cylinder pull, double cylinder and internal escutcheon. Standard for plant rooms.


Deadlock fitted with 19mm bolt through handle and push plate to opposite side. Double cylinder with escutcheons as standard.


Deadlock fitted with double 19mm bolt through handle. Double cylinder with escutcheons as standard.


The standard latch fitting is with a pair of 19mm stainless steel levers, suitable for non-secure doors to provide privacy.


The standard fitting for sashlocks is with a pair of 19mm stainless levers and a double cylinder deadbolt. Optional thumbscrew on non-secure side.


As the sashlock, but the deadbolt is fitted with a privacy/indicator set instead of a cylinder.


Suitable for automatic locking entrance doors, used manually or in conjunction with an electric strike. Optional cylinder pull.


As ALT 1 but fitted with a pull handle. Doors fitted with electric strikes provide key access for authorised persons as a manual override, while the internal handle gives escape at all times.


The snib allows the locking latch to be secured within the lockcase, giving free access. Doors with nightlatches are normally fitted with closers.

Powder Coating, Patterns & Woodgrain Laminates

INNA-DOR’s are available polyester powder coated in one of our 50 standard colours. Alternatively, doors can be polyester powder coated in any BS or RAL non-standard colour*.

We also have a range of attractive woodgrain PVC laminates (pictured) which combine the traditional look of timber with the modern durability of steel. Please note however that PVC Laminate finishes are not available with fire rated doors.

INNA-DOR is also available in stainless steel, with brushed, polished and patterned finishes available. Alternatively, our internal doors are available unfinished for site finishing.

Also, a selection of architectural design patterns are available, such as Tongue and Groove, Chevron, Georgian panel, alongside a standard Flat finish. Please contact our sales team for more information.

*Additional set up cost might be incurred.