GLAS-DOR passes PAS 24 testing

We are delighted to announce that our GLAS-DOR has successfully passed the manual intervention portion of the PAS 24 test and is currently undergoing the mandatory cycle testing element. As a result, we will soon be adding GLAS-DOR to our growing range of Secured By Design security tested doors. This includes TUFF-DOR 2,3 & 4; TUFF-VENT, and SECUR-DOR 2 & 3.

What is PAS 24?

PAS 24 guarantees we produce our doors in line with PAS 24 2016 regulations: Enhanced security performance requirements for doorsets and windows in the UK. External doorsets and windows intended to offer a level of security suitable for dwellings and other buildings exposed to comparable risk and the specific and the relevant material specific standard for general performance. For this reason, a UKAS approved body monitors the production of our doors to ensure we comply with these standards consistently.

PAS 24 is a British minimum standard, meaning you can only achieve a pass or a fail. It involves a series of tests that simulate an attack on a door from an opportunist burglar. The tests assess the security performance to see if a door meets minimum standards. Therefore, the tests only assess against the use of basic hand tools, not a professional crook trying to get access.

PAS 24 certified doors will offer higher basic security than non-certified doors. Because of this, they are suitable for external use in buildings exposed to comparable risk, such as commercial properties.


Stylish looking and highly functional, GLAS-DOR is now PAS 24 certified. Already offering up to 2 hours fire resistance, acoustic reduction and bullet resistant glass, GLAS-DOR is a very impressive doorset.

Manufactured in Britain and made to measure, GLAS-DOR is ideal for use in offices, hospitals and other similar public buildings. Due to the fire resistant qualities, GLAS-DOR makes for an excellent installation along fire exit routes and stairwells used in the event of a fire.

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As a member of Secured By Design, we appreciate some circumstances require higher levels of security than PAS 24. For this reason, we also offer the TUFF-DOR as a solution to the more challenging locations. Our TUFF-DOR 2,3 & 4 are all tested to LPS1175, offering up to 10 minutes of protection from a range of tools – including high powered cordless tools.

The TUFF-DOR also comes in a louvred variety – available PAS 24 approved. With a possible free area of 55%, the TUFF-VENT offers maximum airflow whilst maintaining strength and security. Suitable for use in plant rooms, TUFF-VENT ensures your machinery stays well ventilated and protected from tampering and vandalism.

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