We offer a Price Match Guarantee!

Do you ever receive a quote and doubt whether what you’ve asked for is covered in the price given or do you have a niggling suspicion that the quote you’ve been given isn’t that competitive?

We have customers who come to us, from other suppliers because of those two very reasons.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of custom-made steel door solutions – we want to make sure we do things differently.

That’s why offer a price match guarantee.

We will price-match whatever quote you’ve had if it’s for a like for like technical specification. We are that confident in the quality of our products, our workmanship and our manufacturing process that once you buy from us you’ll stay with us. 

Every year we manufacture more than 25,000 door sets at our factory.  This involves sending out hundreds of bespoke quotes every month. Every quote we give is tailored to meet a client’s specific requirements whether that’s for the industrial or commercial sector. 

We know that from what our clients tell us that that’s not always the case with other suppliers. They’ve come to Robust UK because they’ve had a quote through and when the products have arrived, the technical specification isn’t correct – which costs them time, money and inconvenience.

With us, that’s where our expert sales team comes in. No-one knows doors like they do. When you receive a quote from Robust UK you can be rest assured that the price you’ve been given will be for the products you need for your specific project.

We’ve now gone one step further because we want to help. When a quote lands in your inbox if you’re not sure that the measurements or the specifications that you have been quoted for are 100% accurate for what’s needed, our sales team will look through it for you and give you any feedback totally free of charge.

We are a door manufacturer and supplier you can trust – offering an extensive range of products for both the industrial and commercial sectors. We manufacture and supply thousands of competitively priced, quality products across the UK. If you like the sound of what we offer and you want one of our sales team to look at any recent quotes please get in touch: on 01782 592900 or email sales@robust-uk.com.