8 tips for improving your business security

Business premises are always a target for burglars due to the high value nature of the assets kept in offices. Burglary has a huge impact on businesses due to the high cost of replacing what is stolen, damage to the premises and risk of injury. It can also create a negative atmosphere around the workplace, with employees worried it will happen again. So businesses should make security a high priority in order to protect their staff and expensive goods.

At Robust UK, we pride ourselves on being market leaders of the security door industry. As members of Secured by Design and LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board), we believe in providing not just high quality security doors, but also expert advice. Therefore, we have compiled a list of top tips for improving the security of your building:

Risk Assessment

It’s important to understand your premises and identify the points of entry that may be vulnerable to attack. Once these have been addressed, you can take the necessary steps to protect them. You should also keep your employees in the loop too, using the risk assessment to create a detailed training program on safety and security in the workplace. This will make sure that everyone knows how to deal with any security issues correctly and safely.

Keep all entrances and exits secure

Ensure you have a reliable method of access control on your doors to prevent unauthorised individuals from entering the building.

At Robust UK, we provide a range of trusted access control systems with our doors – including combination key-pads and swipe cards. Only trusted employees with a valid reason for entering the building should have access. You should make sure to change the access codes regularly – especially when an employee leaves – to ensure security remains high.

Purchase an excellent alarm system

Alarm systems are much more affordable and sophisticated nowadays. Purchase an alarm system that offers 24/7 coverage, and automatically notifies the police if an intruder attempts to gain entry. This will help to reduce the severity of the burglary and assist in catching the burglar. Your business will be less of a target if you also advertise your security measures. Thieves won’t be easily tempted to attack a heavily protected establishment, so place signs warning of alarms above entrances and exits.

You should make sure to change the alarm codes regularly to prevent unauthorised access.

Fit your building with CCTV cameras

CCTV has greatly improved in recent times, with cheaper prices and improved quality. Also, you can now monitor on-the-go from a smartphone or tablet.

Install cameras above entrances and exits, in hallways and stairwells. This will act as a deterrent to potential intruders, due to the risk of them being identified, and their actions recorded. The police will then use this information to catch the criminal.

Invest in a high-quality security door and locking system

According to West Yorkshire Police, ‘Smash and Grab’ is the most common form of burglary. Characterised by their name, these types of burglaries involve using tools and blunt force to gain entry.

The Robust UK SECUR-DOR can withstand attacks from a range of hand and power tools for up to 30 mins, as well as being explosion resistant. We can also fit a range of security hardware from our trusted suppliers, such as 3-point locks and heavy duty tower bolts.

Position external security lights over vulnerable areas

Well-lit areas will deter potential intruders due to the heightened risk of them being seen. External lighting can also help keep employees safe who are arriving early and leaving late at night when it might be dark.

Secure your car park

If you have a car park on your premises, keep unwanted intruders out by installing parking barriers, bollards and swinging gates. You can also use CCTV with number plate recognition to monitor number plates and check for unauthorised vehicles.

Protect your electrical devices

Electrical devices are integral to all businesses nowadays, making them extremely expensive to replace if stolen. Due to the sensitive data stored on them – documents, bank details etc. – they are often a target of robbery. A simple yet effective method of securing computers is to use a laptop lock. Similar to a bike lock, laptop locks lock the device to an unmovable object – such as a table bolted to the floor.

According to the government ‘Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019’, 32% of businesses suffered a cyber security breach in the last 12 months, costing an average of £4,180 per business per cyber-crime. You can defend from cyber-attacks by using passwords, creating back-ups and using up to date antivirus software.

While these tips are individually helpful for protecting your business, it’s important to take a layered approach to security. To deter unwanted intruders and protect against those that do try to gain entry, you should ensure to use all these tips together.

For further information and advice, speak to your local Crime Prevention Officer at your local Police Station, or head over to the https://www.police.uk/crime-prevention-advice/.