A Guide to ROBUST Security Doors

Finding the appropriate door for different security requirements is a difficult job. Not every establishment requires a heavy-duty security door, meanwhile some do require high security. It all depends on the circumstances. At Robust UK, we manufacture a range of Secured By Design and LPCB approved security doors, including TUFF-DOR, TUFF-VENT and SECUR-DOR. This guide to Robust security doors will help advise which security door is suitable for which environment.

Low Security


Low risk security doors are suitable for residential and light commercial properties in low risk areas. They protect from opportunist attempts at gaining entry, where the intruder wants to limit noise and get in and out with minimal effort. These include attacks using small tools such as screwdrivers, levers, claw hammers or bolt cutters.

Fully certified to LPS 1175 SR2, TUFF-DOR 2 offers an enhanced level of security for domestic and light commercial properties. Approved by Secured By Design, it will provide up to 3 minutes resistance to an opportunist attack.

TUFF-DOR is also available as TUFF-VENT – a fully louvred, security rated doorset. Tested to PAS 24 (but not available LPS 1175 certified), it offers maximum free airflow whilst maintaining strength and security.

Tested to STS202 BR2 and PAS 24, SECUR-DOR 2 will offer protection to low and medium risk properties. This door also protects against opportunist attempts at theft but is tested slightly differently. This test involves a determined attack over a 15 minute period using the same tools. Nevertheless, SECUR-DOR 2 holds Secured By Design certification and is also available fire rated for up to 2 hours if fitted with appropriate ironmongery. We can also fit Secured By Design 3 point heavy duty panic escape hardware to aid escape.

Medium Security

Solid Timber Core

Mid-strength security doors are suitable for residential or commercial properties in medium risk areas, including locations obscured from view. They protect from attempts at forced entry using heavier tools with little regard for noise. These can include a crowbar, cordless power tools, brick bolster or gas torch.

TUFF-DOR 3 is a step up from TUFF-DOR 2. Tested to LPS 1175 SR3, TUFF-DOR 3 offers up to 5 minutes resistance to a determined attempt at gaining entry. This is the ideal door for properties such as warehouses, retail stores or apartments with entry points hidden from view. As standard, TUFF-DOR 3 has a solid timber core with additional internal reinforcement in strategic locations to enhance attack resistance.

Tested to STS202 BR3, SECUR-DOR 3 will provide protection to medium risk residential and commercial properties. The STS202 BR3 test involves a determined attack over a 20 minute period using the same tools. Just like TUFF-DOR 3, SECUR-DOR 3 is ideal for warehouses, retail stores and apartments. However, if fitted with appropriate ironmongery, SD3 can offer up to 2 hours fire resistance. This makes it suitable for a residential block as it can section off the fire, allowing inhabitants to evacuate the building and limit damage.

High Security

Often fitted to properties that house expensive assets, or those with a history of break ins, high-security doors offer a solution to properties at high risk of attack. Heavy-duty security doors protect from experienced attempts at forced entry where there is no regard for noise. Attackers tend to use a selection of larger tools to gain entry such as high-powered cordless tools, sledgehammers, disc grinders and even explosives!

One of our top-spec security doors, TUFF-DOR 4 is tested to LPS1175 SR4, so it can withstand up to 10 minutes of attack from an experienced intruder. Like TUFF-DOR 3, TUFF-DOR 4 has a solid timber infill core and additional internal reinforcement to enhance attack resistance.

SECUR-DOR blast testing

SECUR-DOR 4 offers a heavier duty alternative to TUFF-DOR 4. It is certified to BS EN 1627 RC4, meaning it has passed testing from a determined attack over 30 minutes, using a selection of heavy tools. Stainless steel dog bolted continuous hinges are also fitted for additional security. To further prove the robustness of SECUR-DOR 4, it has also passed testing for EXR2 of BS EN 13124-2 blast testing.

Although security doors are a vital part of protecting a building, it is important to take a layered approach to security. Security doors aren’t guaranteed to prevent unauthorised entry, they act more as a deterrent and delay. Therefore, you should consider other security features to compliment a security door such as CCTV, alarms etc. Take a look at our ‘8 Tips for Improving Your Businesses Security‘ blog for more advice on this. Alternatively, you can go to The Crime Prevention Website for further advice.